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Skinning tomatoes

 How on earth do you peel a tomato? Just drop it for a second in boiling water and hey presto, the skin just peels off.   Francesca 05/02/10


Been Chopping Onions?

Wash hands in cold water and rub with salt to get rid of onion odour.    04/02/10


Keeping Salt Dry

To allow salt to pour easily, put a few uncooked grains of rice in your shakers to absorb moisture.   03/02/10


Brown Sugar

Placing a slice of apple in hardened brown sugar helps to soften it again. 03/02/10



To keep your potatoes from budding out, place an apple in the bag with the potatoes.  01/02/10


Checking Eggs for freshness

To determine whether an egg is fresh or not, immerse it in a pan of cold water. If it sinks, it is fresh. If it rises to the surface, throw it away.  01/02/10


Boiling Spuds

Adding a little butter to a pan of potatoes when boiling them will stop them from boiling over.  31/01/10


Left Over Wine?

Have just a small amount of leftover wine? Don't throw it away, try freezing it into cubes for future use in casseroles and sauces.  31/01/10


Freezing Peppers

Green peppers may be frozen without blanching in an airtight container for later use in hot dishes or casseroles.    30/010/10



Do Not use Iodized Salt in making pickles, it causes them to become soft.   30/01/10


Juice from Lemons

Bring Lemons to room temperature and roll them under your palm on top of the kitchen counter before squeezing to get the most juice from them.   30/01/10



Adding lemon juice to gravy that is too greasy, will make the grease disappear and add flavour to your gravy.   30/01/10


Whipping Cream

Add about 7 drops of lemon juice to 2 cups of whipping cream. It will make the cream beat up firm in about half the time. 29/01/10



Add 1/4 tsp. Baking soda to Cranberries while cooking them and they will not require as much sugar.   29/01/10



I think that the nicest way to eat celeriac is as coleslaw. I first tasted this when I was visiting my sister who was living in France. You peel and grate the celeriac, mix in some mayonnaise to taste [ so easy and cheap to make if you have the knack] and a little Dijon mustard. Some people like to add apple but I donít. Finish it off with some chopped parsley-delicious!      From Claire C.  27/01/10