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Have you got any tips for growing things in the back garden or even a window box? If so please share them with us.




One of the busiest months in the garden. Lawns need raking and an application of spring fertiliser. Cut the grass when it is 2.5-3" high.
Prepare the ground for dahlias by digging and dressing with bone-meal. Choose a place where the plants will enjoy full sunshine.
Sow vegetable and flower seeds under glass. Plant out autumn-sown sweet pea seedlings.
Remove flower heads from daffodils as they fade and give them a touch of fertilizer to help them prepare for next year.

From Janet 13/02/10


This year we've had little chance for activity in the garden due to the weather. Howevever it is a good time to do a general clear up, inspect plant labels to ensure that they are still in place. If you have vines (grape or other varieties), they must be pruned before the end of the month. If you leave it much later the sap will rise and the vines will 'bleed'

From Janet 13/02/10



Planting Garlic

This is the time to plant your garlic cloves. There is an old saying, plant garlic on the shortest day of the year and harvest it on the longest. If you plant the cloves from your veggy box they will not be as big and juicy as the originals but if you use an organic compost they will be just as pure.      Anon. 29/10/10

Thank you very much for this tip and the great garlic saying.