Our Environmental Policy is continually evolving


If you need help recycling your Just Organic bags we are happy to help by doing it for you. If you would like more information regarding recycling in general, click on the recycling link to the right. You can find where your local recycling drop off points are and loads more helpful information relating to recycling.

Hang on to your box
We will collect it and re-use it. If you don't think you will be in for your next delivery leave your empty box outside for our driver to collect.

How 'green' is your box?

Your box is made up of seasonal produce.
In summer most of our produce is UK grown and sourced from small farms wherever possible. You will get a variety of salad items as well as broccoli, courgette's, leafy greens, soft fruit and so forth. In winter you will get more root vegetables, brassicas (greens) and hardy staples.

We live on an island with a cooler climate and there is a very limited choice in the fruit available to us especially in the Winter. We do sell some UK grown fruit, but we also sell fruit from other warmer European countries. This does not mean we air freight. Our bananas are shipped by boat and our kiwi's come from Italy not New Zealand. Having said that I don't wish to be dismissive of New Zealand which is in fact one of the greenest countries on the planet it is just too far away.

Your Choice

Some poorer countries rely on trading globally to sustain their economy. By boycotting these countries we are also effecting the livelihood of some of the worlds poorest farmers. This presents a difficult balancing act. We hope that by labeling our food you will be able to make a well informed and balanced choice. If anything is air freighted we promise to label it on our website.

Difficult balance

It is important that we become aware of our carbon emissions. Avoiding buying food that has traveled a great distance to reach your plate is one consideration. This does make up a small part of your individual carbon footprint. For more information about your 'carbon footprint', click on the link on the right.

You can help by reducing your gas, electricity and car fuel consumption. Cut back on trips by car to the shops. Avoid leaving the lights or the heating on when you are out. Try not to over fill your kettle and put lids on saucepans while cooking. Even the small things make a difference. All our efforts put together make a big difference.

Supermarkets are large corporations

Sadly it is the small businesses and small farmers that suffer from the dominance of large supermarket chains. Like other box schemes, small shops and small farmers, we appreciate the support we get from our customers and hope that in return we are offering you a good service while we continue to respect our environment and take responsibility for how we run our business.

We support many small UK farmers and it is wonderful seeing more small farmers converting to organic farming. We really hope that the movement towards organic farming continues to grow.

City air quality

You share a 'round' with other people in your neighborhood and this really does help cut back on city pollution as we deliver several boxes on the same route. The greener our city environment the cleaner the air that we breath. We have linked to the 'plant a tree' website as trees pump out good clean air and filter out lots of the bad stuff that we don't want to breath in.

While we realise that we can't just buy our way into a cleaner environment we actively look out for the environment and are open to new ways that we can help. Spreading the word to other people is an important way forward. Tree planting and regenerating our countryside is another way. Reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint is something we take very seriously.

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