Extra Vegetables

Have a look through our list of extra Vegetables, fresh Salad and cooking extras.
If you want to add any items to your box call or email us and we will include them in your next box.

As we settle into winter it is the season for lovely hot soup. Roast Vegetables and bakes. You will find lots of lovely veggies in your box, but if you want to spice up your food you can add items like ginger, garlic or chillis from our list of extas.

Vegetables Price (£)
Aubergine 1-2x2.50
Beans French 225g2.30
Beans Broad 500g2.30
Beetroot loose 750g2.00
Broccoli 600g2.80
Butternut Squash 1x 2.20
Cabbage red each2.20
Cabbage green each2.20
Cabbage white each2.20
Carrots 750g2.00
Cauliflower each2.20
Celeriac 750g2.00
Celery each2.20
Courgette 500g2.50
Fennel 500g2.00
Kale 300g2.20
Leeks 750g2.50
Mushrooms white 250g2.20
Mushrooms Brown 250g2.50
Onions white 750g1.70
Onions red 750g2.00
Parsnip 750g2.00
Pak-Choi 1x2.20
Potatoes loose 750g1.50
Potatoes Baking 750g1.50
Potatoes new 500g1.90
Spinach  300g2.20
Squash various 1-2x2.20
Sweet Potato 500g2.40
Turnip 500g2.00

Cooking Extras Price (£)
Chilli Pepper Green 40g1.40
Chilli Pepper Red 40g1.40
Garlic 100g1.40
Ginger approx. 200g1.80
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Salad Price (£)
Avocado x22.80
Cucumber each2.20
Lettuce each2.20
Pepper green 2x2.00
Pepper red 2x2.20
Rocket 100g2.20
Spinach  300g2.40
Tomatoes 500g2.40
Tomatoes cherry 250g2.20
Salad Pack 100g2.30
Spring onion bunch1.80
Watercress 100g2.20

Sprouts Price (£)
Alfalfa  100g1.60
Alfalfa & broccoli  100g1.60
Alfalfa & Fenugreek  100g1.60
Alfalfa & radish  100g1.60
Sango Radish  100g1.60
Mixed Sprouts 227g1.90
Mung Sprouts  227g1.90
Chick Pea Sprouts 227g1.90
Lentil Sprouts 227g1.90
Sunflower Sprouts 200g1.90
Sprouts Variety  130g2.10

Herbs Price (£)
Basil 50g2.10
Chervil 50g1.90
Chives 50g1.90
Corriander 50g1.90
Dill 50g1.90
Lemongrass 50g1.90
Mint 50g1.90
Oregano 50g1.90
Curly Parsley 50g1.90
Flat Parsley 50g1.90
Rosemary 50g1.90
Sage 50g1.90
Tarragon 50g1.90
Thyme 50g1.90