Extra Fruit

Have a look through our list of extra Fruit.
If you want to add any fruit to your box call or email us and we will include it in your next box. Make sure you let us know by Sunday evening.


Fruit Price (£)
Apples Red 750g2.40
Apples Granny Smith 750g2.50
Bananas 750g2.00
Clementines  500g2.20
Coconut each2.00
Grapefruit Pink x22.20
Kiwi Fruit 500g2.60
Lemons unwaxed 600g2.70
Limes 400g2.70
Mango each2.20
Medjool Dates 227g3.80
Melon Galia each2.30
Nectarines 500g2.30
Oranges 750g2.20
Pears  600g2.50
Pineapple each2.80
Pomegranate each 1.90
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